About Us

Get to know us.

Fuzion is driven to transform the long-term care insurance industry through successfully delivering results-oriented solutions.

We know LTC insurance.

Understanding each insurer and block of business helps to identify the most effective combination of Fuzion’s multi-channel solutions to achieve desired outcomes.

We serve others.

We are passionate about serving carriers who are fulfilling the insurance needs of the senior community and engagement of policyholders which will improve their health and quality of life.

We give our best.

We understand the importance of relationships and that’s why we enjoy creating an environment where our employees can give their best and be their best.

We provide solutions.

Providing carriers the ability to effectively manage claims, minimize fraud, create insight through analytics, and encourage policyholder wellness is the sweet spot of our business.

Your Expert in Long-term Care Insurance.

Fuzion is leveraging the knowledge that has been acquired through managing a variety of complex long-term care insurance blocks, and transferring this expertise to individual carriers and the entire industry. In providing service to carriers, Fuzion focuses on managing the business in a manner that improves financial performance while minimizing risk.